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Modules and Lessons

Fundamentals of Finance and Investments
  • Time value of money overview
  • Compound interest
  • Risk & reward 
How to Use the HP 12c Financial Calculator
  • Overview and Free calculator apps to download
  • HP 12c tour of functions
  • Reverse Polish Notation ‘RPN’ and Stacking
Time (n) and Future Value (FV)
  • Number of Compounding Periods
  • Future Value
  • Practice problems with step-by-step solutions
Present Value (PV)
  • Present Value
  • Net Present Value
  • Present Value Practice
Rate of Return / Interest Rate (i)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • How Interest Rates are Determined
  • Rate of Return Practice
Payments and Cash Flows (PMT)
  • Payments and Cash Flows
  • Discounted Cash Flow DCF
  • Payments Practice
How to Calculate Mortgage Loan Payments, Balances, and Balloon Payments
  • Fully Amortizing Payments
  • Future Balances
  • Payoff Amounts

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Your Instructor

Trevor T. Calton, MBA

Trevor Calton is the founder of Real Estate Finance Academy and a former masters Professor of Real Estate Finance. 

He has worked as a financial analyst, an investment sales agent, a commercial lender, and asset manager. Since 1997, he has analyzed, acquired, or sold more than $5 billion of commercial real estate assets, and he has overseen the asset management of more than 6000 units of multifamily housing.

Trevor has trained thousands real estate agents, investors mortgage lenders, and other professionals in the analysis of real estate investments, negotiations, and career building.

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