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“Trevor's course helped me to advance my career by giving me the tools I need to assess. My current investments, personally, and to think about how I can improve cash flow and what kind of acquisitions would help me to have more freedom.
He really taught me how to look at each property and assess the feasibility of the project using financial tools. You can tell he cares about his teaching and that his students understand. It will really help them to see the big picture of how to look at an investment and they'll remember key things to look for during each transaction.”

- Monique

“Trevor's was the first course that I took in real estate finance, and I had a really fantastic experience with it. Trevor's course is really one of the foundational courses. He goes through the basic building blocks for real estate finance in a very slow, methodical way so everyone who takes his course can really get that foundation so they can proceed to more complex analysis of real estate. ”

- Jeff


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“Taking Trevor's course was life changing as far as being a broker and just understanding understanding the finances on a granular level. This course really exceeded my expectations in every way. I would highly recommend it and I recommend it very frequently to people. His course is definitely comprehensive and foundational. There's no other course you can take that is more applicable or foundational to real estate. ”

- Michelle

“The results that I got after taking this course and  being able to apply them to real world situations and deals that I was looking at. And not falling into some of the traps that people in the past have fallen into and learning about why they did that. It's really helped me. The level of detail and the way that Trevor teaches these courses is, it's very digestible. Letting people learn at the pace they need to learn that, depending on where you are and what your background is.”

- Deniz


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