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Whether you are a first time commercial real estate investor, or seasoned pro, our courses unlock the finance strategies & real estate knowledge you need to make your investments thrive.

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Whether you are a first time commercial real estate investor, or seasoned pro, our courses unlock the finance strategies & real estate hacks to make your investments thrive.

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Meet Trevor Calton: founder of Real Estate Finance Academy

During his career, Trevor has analyzed, sold, or acquired thousands of commercial real estate assets totaling over $5 billion. He has overseen the management of more than 6000 units of multifamily housing, and underwritten billions of dollars of commercial mortgage loans.

Trevor was also a Professor of Real Estate Finance in the Masters of Real Estate program at Portland State University from 2011-2019. He has trained thousands of real estate agents, investors, mortgage lenders, and other professionals in the analysis of real estate investments, and has become renowned for his effective approach teaching commercial real estate classes.

We offer packaged Masterclass Courses for all skill levels:

Real Estate Finance Fundamentals

For first time real estate investors, decoding the fundamentals of real estate finance.

Understanding Mortgage Basics
Advanced Financing Options
Key Financial Metrics in Real Estate
Navigating Loan Applications and Underwriting
Financial Strategies and Risk Management
Commercial Real Estate Investment Masterclass

For established commercial investors, mortgage brokers and real estate brokers. Advanced tier for industry professionals.

Market Analysis and Acquisition
Financing Real Estate Investments
Investment Valuation and Analysis
Operational Management and Asset Enhancement
Advanced Investment Strategies and Exit Planning
Mentorship & Coaching Program

One-on-one mentorship and coaching program for real estate professionals looking for guidance in developing their business.

Includes all MASTERCLASS Courses PLUS:
Live 1:1 Coaching 2x month
Personal Investment Analysis & Strategy Sessions
Deal Analysis & Underwriting
Step-by-Step Transaction Guidance from Offer to Close
Cold-Calling and Sales Training
& More!

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Our advanced commercial real estate courses are broken down into modules which can be purchased individually.

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Discover our Masterclass, taught by a seasoned investor, broker, & professor

Trevor Calton created our commercial real estate courses from his decades of experience working with commercial investors, brokers and financiers with hands-on teaching at Portland State University.

Using his tried and tested, college level teaching strategies, plus his trademark transparent board, Trevor offers his commercial real estate classes to anyone serious about real estate finance.

Save on individual courses with our customized Masterclass Packages!

Choose a commercial real estate course to match your investment needs

We offer commercial real estate courses for investments of all sizes. Whether you are looking to facilitate, broker or invest in large multi-family projects, or just getting started learning commercial real estate investment, there's something for you.

Our courses will establish the fundamental principles of commercial real estate investment, plus offers in-depth and highly advanced materials and tools for seasoned real estate investors looking for continued education.

Access free financial tools & templates for commercial & investment real estate

Our course members will access our custom designed tools and templates for successful commercial real estate investment. We've created our own financial analysis tools, spreadsheet trackers and calculators, which are all included with our membership and form part of our commercial real estate investment methodology.

What our students are saying:

Satyam R.


This was exactly the type of course I was looking for to help transfer my knowledge to real estate. My broker actually recommended this, and man am I happy he did. I love this course. Easy to understand and direct. Thank you!

Len C.


I’m sure I am not the first one to tell you that you are an amazing teacher. You are able to take complicated concepts and break them down for the layman to easily understand. You have an incredible gift, and I hope you keep on teaching.

Eric P.


I am always impressed with Trevor’s knowledge from his years of experience. I am impressed with his dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism. His proactive solutions, compassion, respect, and understanding always results in positive responses, greater retention, and increased loyalty

Robert C.


This was one of my favorite and most useful courses I have ever taken, and greatly enhanced my ability to analyze different loan types & terms objectively. Trevor was able to answer many of my questions, many of which were outside the scope of the course. I would highly recommend this course!

David A.


Trevor has excellent quantitative/analytical skills and is extremely personable. He has very high integrity and is trustworthy. Someone you can trust. He would be an excellent asset for anyone.

Josh L.


Trevor is truly one of the best individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. When asked to speak at our graduation ceremony, Trevor stepped up and delivered an inspiring speech about perseverance and commitment. He has been and continues to be a resource to our students and our community.

Students around the globe became CRE experts with this course

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